The Wedding Cake tends to be one of the main focuses of the wedding reception and by choosing the right wedding cake you can make an impressive impact on your guests. Picking a wedding cake is an important and time-consuming task.

With so many different designs, types, colours, and shapes of wedding cakes available it can be difficult to decide which style is right for you. Here is a guide to the main elements to consider when choosing your wedding cake.

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The design of your cake should be a reflection upon yourselves taking into account the shape, size, colour, style and flavour. The numbers of tiers that you have are entirely up to you, the traditional numbers of tiers are 3 but if you have a large enough venue and/or enough of a guest list you could have as many tiers as you wanted or why not a cutting cake and cupcakes the choice is yours

The colour scheme of your cake is also something to consider with white or ivory still the most popular and traditional colours of a wedding cake. A coloured icing cake can set its own mark and make a statement or if you wanted a mixture between traditional and trendy consider adding flowers in a variety of colours for extra vibrancy.

When thinking about the design of your cake it is important to consider the venue and where you would like it to be situated in the room, if the venue is large you will require a larger cake to make an impact at your reception and the reverse is also true if the venue is more intimate a smaller cake would be more appropriate. The amount of guests is also important and whether you would be keeping the top tier of the wedding cake for a future christening?

At edible elegance we offer a free consultation with cake tasting where we will go through all your options and design options.


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